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Best Fillet Knife

Hi, thanks a lot for checking out my website. Today I would like to share my personal reviews and findings about the best fillet knife that I bought couple months ago. In case you don’t know what is fillet knife you may check it out at this site, Best Fillet Knife. I have found my answer after my long hour research which is Victorinox 47513 ! And I also bought Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener to assist me keeping all of my knives sharp and effective.

My best fillet knife

Getting the right fillet knife is very important and the quality itself will determine how good our cooking is. I went to Amazon for few days and made my own research to find the best fillet knife that fits my needs. And from my findings there were three models that caught my attention which were Victorinox 47513Classic 7″ Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath and American Angler 110V Efk Freshwater Shark Blade and Fillet Kit.

As of to date my current fillet knife Victorinox 47513 has the highest customers rating at 147 reviews !! and with 5 stars !! That’s a very rare occasion for a product at Amazon to get such amazing rating and customer feedback. Based on my experience for 2 months with Victorinox 47513, I’m agreed with all of other peoples’ reviews. You can check it out yourself here.

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My top 3 list

1. Classic 7″ Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath

best fillet knife #1At first glance,  I was attracted with Classic 7″ Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath and it’s made in Solingen, Germany. If you check it out here the features that it offers is great and one of them is it provides LIFETIME GUARANTEE !! That means the maker has a very high confidence about the quality of the knife. Furthermore it’s made from Special Alloyed Steel and they said we could clean the knife with dishwasher. However, I personally disagree with this point, I don’t think washing a knife with dishwasher is a good approach.

After reading few customer reviews here, I eliminate this model from my top list and what made me to exclude it from my top list were mainly due to high price tag.  $99.95 for a fillet knife is way too expensive for me personally. However no doubt with what it could offer and the credibility of the brand it perhaps the best filler knife if we don’t consider the price.

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2. American Angler 110V Efk Freshwater Shark Blade and Fillet Kit

My second choice of best fillet knife 2013The second fillet knife model within my top 3 list was American Angler 110V Efk Freshwater Shark Blade and Fillet Kit. This is a complete set and suitable if you’re frequently using fillet knife and it currently has 4 star rating by customer. And one of the customer complaint about this model because of the old fashion packaging. That’s funny anyway and I don’t think that point needs to be considered to determine my best fillet knife.

What made me to eliminate this model because it uses electricity and I don’t use fillet knife too frequently therefore I don’t think I need such extra feature. But if you’re heavy user you perhaps want to consider this model in your list. The second personal reason was, I’m kind of afraid with electricity and I prefer old fashion way to cut the fish as I don’t need to worry of getting electricity shock when washing my fillet knife and fish. That’s really a personal reason anyway. :)

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3. Victorinox 47513, Classic 7″ Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath

My choice of best fillet knife 2013As conclusion I purchased Victorinox 47513 ! It’s cheap and one quality fillet knife is more than enough for my personal use at my kitchen. And no wonder it has 147 customer reviews and with 5 stars! I guess this is my best fillet knife according to my personal needs and opinion. Victorinox is known the world over as the creator of the Original Swiss Army Knife, the company started out in 1884 as a cutlery workshop and once again no wonder the quality is great and it has a lot of fans !! If you are looking for the best fillet knife I highly recommend to consider Victorinox.

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I also bought Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener that I could use to keep all of my knives sharp and if you are a cook you should know that how important to keep you knife sharp. It will also remove all of the rush if you’re using regular knife and I believe no one wants to eat rush inside your cooking.

Watch the video below how to sharpen your fillet knife effectively.

There are few other options for your best fillet knife and you can check it out here.

Best Fillet Knife - How To Purchase It


Having a fillet knife that is easily accessible, is a great idea. The best fillet knife will have a blade that is thin and flexible, and of course, it is great for filleting fish, however, it is has other uses as well. Fillet knives have a thin, flexible blade and a handle made of sealed wood or stainless steel. This allows the knife to be easily cared for, since all you need to do is wash it with a sponge and soapy water.

These knives can be easily sharpened with common sharpening tools, so it is easy to keep in top operating condition. Then length of the blade on a fillet knife can vary from about 5 to 11 inches. The flexibility and length of the blade are what make it ideal for filleting.

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It may seem as if purchasing the best fillet knife is a simple task, but actually there are quite a number of things you need to consider when purchasing one of these knives. First, the length of the knife is very important because the length will dictate what size fish it can be used on. Most fillet knives are from 5 to 11 inches in length, and the length you choose will be dependent on the type of fish you usually purchase or catch. If you typically use the fillet knife on smaller fish, you will want a shorter blade so that you can manipulate easily when filleting, a large blade will prove cumbersome for a smaller fish. On the other hand, if you generally purchase or catch larger fish, you will need a longer blade.

Be sure that you buy a fillet knife that has a stainless steel blade. The best fillet knife you can find will be made of stainless. Stainless steel will not rust and it is corrosion resistant because you certainly don’t want rust in your fish fillets! Another thing to check is how flexible the blade is, this is very important to producing good fillets. A flexible knife is able to conform to the the fillet and maneuver around the organs and bones. In addition, you may want to consider buying a knife that has a handle with a rubber coating. The rubber handle will likely improve your grip on the knife and may help you avert injury, even if it is wet.

If you will be cleaning a large number of fish and doing so on a frequent basis, you may want to purchase an electric fillet knife. They can make cleaning numerous fish fairly easy, and also much faster. The fillet knife is used most frequently for filleting fish, however, it also works well for a variety of other uses. For example, it is great for cutting thin slices of roast beef. It also works quite well if you need to cut thin strips of London broil, or even chicken.

After purchasing your filet knife, be sure you buy a knife sharpener with it. A sharpener will be crucial to maintain a sharp fillet knife. Having a sharp knife will ensure a easy and clean cut every time you make use of it. If the fillet knife becomes dull, it will be difficult and dangerous to work with. So, the take home message here is, make sure you get a sharpener when you purchase your knife, you will be glad you did.

I have found my best fillet knife and with the help of  Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener I could ensure all of my knives will be the best. Good luck!

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